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We are fully committed to ensuring that this website gives amazing value and service to our customers. We take the comments from our customers seriously and always look to increase the funds recovered for our customers.

Alan logoAlan Associates - 4th January 2010

I have used didntpay and I got a great result the client received their communication and knew that they had to pay. If not, they were informed the steps that would be taken.

As I have a growing base of  clients that give me their total debtors listing to collect, they have no hassle in getting paid. I pass on the more difficult ones. Thus I have no hesitation in using didntpay.

Alan Schwarz

MYD logoMy Yearly Directory - 5th January 2010

I was reluctant to use didntpay at first because I had never heard about it. I gave it a go for some of my dead debts, and I can now see the power of the system. I will now be using it for all of my future late payers.

Felicity Selkirk

fruit logoOffice Fruit - 17 December 2009

For our company, didntpay proved to be the fastest service to collect debts.

We had chased a debt for 6 months with over 10 telephone calls and e-mails costing us several hours of our staff time. We decided to try didntpay to recover our debt. We registered our debt online with didntpay and within 2 days we received a return call and payment.

didntpay is now our sole debt collection service as it has proven to be the most effective means of recovering our debts promptly. We have registered debts from companies who have failed to pay for prolonged periods as well as companies who we find it difficult to contact.

The method didntpay uses is unique in that not only do they contact the debtor directly by e-mail but they also notify the debtor that if an unpaid invoice is registered on didntpay, their company name will appear on the internet if a credit search is conducted. Companies are very protective of their reputation and in our experience have paid immediately so as to avoid being listed as a “bad payer”.

We highly recommend companies use didntpay for all debts large and small. In our experience, all debts have been recovered in full and in minimal time.  didntpay has not only recovered our debts but also saved our company a significant amount of time and money.

Danielle Hikri
Executive Manager



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