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  1. We are debt collection agents, why would we use didntpay?
  2. As a debt collection agent, why would we allow didntpay to deal with our client’s debt directly?
  3. Our debt collection services have been engaged by our client, why would we pass our client relationship to didntpay?
  4. How is the listed business notified that they have been listed on didntpay?
  5. What does the letter notification to the listed business say?
  6. Can we list against a person?
  7. Who can we list against?
  8. Who receives the funds paid by the listed business?
  9. Does our debt collection agency name appear as the listing business?
  10. Are there privacy constraints preventing the listing and publication of debts?
  11. If a debt collection agent lists a client debt on didntpay, is there any way that it can be sued for defamation?


  1. didntpay is a new tool that can be used in conjunction with existing debt collection services. didntpay is designed to enhance your debt collection services, not replace them, by providing an additional way to reach the listed company. didntpay motivates a listed company to pay, enhancing the prospect of recovering the money rightfully owed to your client.
  2. You will not be authorising didntpay to deal with the debt on behalf of your client. The debt will be paid from the listed company as directed by you, in accordance with your current procedures. didntpay will not receive or handle funds on behalf of you or your client.
  3. You will not be passing your client relationship to didntpay. The relationship between your debt collection company and your client will remain as is. You are merely utilising the listing, publishing and notification services of didntpay as an adjunct to your debt collection services.
  4. After a debt is listed on didntpay, didntpay will send an email and letter to the listed business offering them the chance to pay the debt before the debt it is published.
  5. The letter notifies the listed company that the agent has arranged for the unpaid invoice details to be listed and published on www.didntpay.com.au, that the unpaid invoice details may be viewed via a free search function on the site and instructs the listed company to visit the website to arrange payment of the invoice. 
  6. No. Only companies and business may be listed.
  7. Australian companies with an ACN or Australian businesses with an ABN.
  8. The funds are paid by the listed business in the method stipulated by the listing debt collection agent.
  9. No. The business that is owed money, your client, will appear as the listing business.
  10. No. There is no personal information disclosed in the listing and published information.
  11. Provided the information listed and published on the website is true and accurate there can be no basis for a defamation action. This information is not legal advice, if you have concerns you should obtain legal advice.

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